Etheric Anatomy


Etheric AnatomyThe Three Selves and Astral Travel, With Cora Anderson, New York: Penguin Arkana, 1993, Albany, CA: Acorn Guild Press, 2004

Etheric Anatomy by Victor H. Anderson is a small booklet that really surprised me! It’s an account by people situated far from the mainstream. The book is precious for anybody who is researching the human aura, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or general pagan knowledge about the vital energy.

Let me first utter a word about what has been called ‘spiritual anatomy.’ Many cultural traditions contain an esoteric thread describing what might be referred to as the anatomy of the human soul. While the terminology might be esoteric and quite confusing, it’s in all traditions about the same thing, namely, that we are essentially made from a bioplasmatic energy that pervades the cosmos.

The Egyptians called it ka, the Chinese ch’i, and anatomically the correspondence to it are the the meridians known from acupuncture; the Indians call it prana, and the corresponding part in the body are the chakras and nadis known from yoga, the Jewish tradition calls it the sefirot, and Western lore, or the ‘fairy’ lore from which Anderson comes, calls it the etheric or astral body. In addition, theosophy has made us aware of the power of thought forms, and the existence of the aura.

I studied Huna over years, which is why I can say that every bit of what Anderson writes in this booklet is true. I didn’t really learn something knew from the book, but it’s a wonderful compilation and summery of this knowledge. In addition, the authors contribute their own valuable extrasensorial insights and perceptions. Yet I consider this book as a valid contribution to science as modern science is currently developing an approach to what Dr. William A. Tiller called ‘Psychoenergetic Science,’ title of one of his books.
—William A. Tiller, Psychoenergetic Science, New York: Pavior, 2007.

The most important detail conveyed in the first chapter entitled The Etheric Anatomy of the Human Being, is the ‘trinity structure’ of the soul, which is indeed something that strikes the holistic researcher as it is to be found not only in the teaching of the Kahunas, but also in virtually all mainstream religious teachings.

In order to comprehend more fully our psychic structure, it must be understood that the human being is a trinity. This is neither a metaphor nor an abstract illustration. The human soul and spirit body is made up of three definite parts or entities. Each of these three entities has its own individual and collective existence in the soul and personality, just as surely as the three atoms in a molecule of water./8

The authors have a unique manner of describing phenomena known from psychology, psychoanalysis, parapsychology and quantum physics, as they use the terminology of the natives, and not the language of modern science. But for this very reason, their account actually gains vivacity and authenticity. Some observations are strikingly original, such as the idea—which I found in other clairvoyant literature—that the human body emits a specific sound, a sound that is different from one individual to the other, a frequency that identifies the individual:

Another interesting property of the vital body, although difficult to detect, is a faint buzzing sound, somewhat like that of a bumblebee. This signals the gathering in and arrangement of atoms and molecules to maintain the structure of the dense body./12

The subatomic world, known as the specific focus of quantum physics, is in the language of the natives the world of the spirits. I have found this indeed confirmed in the overwhelming part of shamanic literature. The author states on the same lines:

What we call the ‘spirit world’ is composed largely of particles and frequencies of a subatomic nature. We of the Craft say that these planes or worlds are / below the atom. We know the vital body to be made up of what we call bioplasma. Besides the other finer particles and frequencies of which it is composed, there is a small amount of plasmic hydrogen, i.e., electrons and protons. In substance, it actually resembles the more tenuous parts of the sun itself! The term ‘astral body’ may be vindicated after all./12-13

A particularly interesting field of study has become aura research, and even aura healing, the healing of the luminous body. What years ago was still relegated to ‘esoteric traditions’ is now beginning to be effectively integrated into the official body of medical science and psychology.

The author clearly states that contrary to common belief, the aura is not limited to living beings, but is an energy-related phenomenon that is to be found with all objects, be they inanimate. He writes:

Every object with which we deal in everyday life is surrounded by a kind of shadowy counterpart that varies in color, density and dimensions, depending on the kind of matter. A steel ball an inch in diameter will have a pale, violent-blue replica of itself extending one sixteenth of an inch from it on all sides. If we examine a bit of rock, we will find that it too has an extension that varies in color and dimension depending on its composition. Pieces of wood and other more organic objects have wider and sometimes more colorful ‘surrounds’, as psychic children call them. When we break a rock in two, the etheric part follows the outline of the break./13

It has been said that only living things have auras. This is not the case. Every material object of appreciable size is surrounded and penetrated by some of the etheric matter and frequencies from the various planes of existence. Even a statue has an aura. The auras of what we call inanimate objects are static and homogenous in appearance unless acted upon by mana from ourselves or the mana and presence of spirits, saints or the Gods./17

What has been seen by the use of Kirlian Photography is described by the authors here in a beautiful passage. The phenomenon has been demonstrated also by energy healers such as Donna Eden who heal recurring pain in phantom limbs by impacting energetically upon the aura of the missing or amputated limb.

If we keep cutting the leaf up, a point is reached at which the vital body of the leaf will dissipate into the ether. If a part of the leaf is torn off and slowly pulled away, the bioplasma will stretch out a half centimeter or so, and then break off and rejoin the severed parts./14

Further research is needed in order to determine when the fetus becomes an individual human being, that is, ensouled. Based on my personal observations, I would estimate the time as forty-two to forty-five days./36

There is a striking congruence with what Dr. Rick Strassman writes in his book DMT—The Spirit Molecule (2001), where he says that in his observation ‘a pineal DMT release at forty-nine days after conception marks the entrance of the spirit into the fetus.’

Now, let me comment on Part Two of the booklet, written by Cora Anderson and entitled The Three Souls and Out-of-Body Travel. Cora Anderson distinguishes between the alpha spirit, the beta spirit and the delta spirit, and writes with regard to the ‘vital body’ and that other authors call the ‘etheric body’:

The alpha spirit is usually the first to feel sex attraction and fall in love. It does not separate sex from love. In some primitive cultures, it is called the bush or animal spirit. The word animal does not put a low meaning to it, but means ‘anima, life soul or spirit’. In the ignorant and undeveloped human being, the alpha spirit becomes so full of complexes, it can no longer use its form of natural instinctive mentation. /44

There are several important ingredients in this statement. First of all, I am thankful for her clarifying that ‘animal spirit’ in the terminology and scientific worldview of the Kahunas is not to be connoted with ‘lowness’ of any kind. What Cora Anderson calls the alpha spirit, the Kahunas call the low self or unihipili.

The Unihipili will release the mana to the Aumakua as semen is released in sex, or water sprouts from a garden hose. You will feel a tingling up and down your spine and in your genitals. If you feel a sudden surge of sexual feeling, do not repress it. This signals a most perfect and intimate union with the God within you, your Aumakua. Always remember you are a trinity in the divine image; otherwise, this prayer will not work./49

The secret about the huna prayers is that it’s the low self that sends the mana, and the quest for help or advice, to the high self or Aumakua, and not the middle self or rational mind. This is why the prayers of mechanistic minds remain unfulfilled! This is logically so because it’s simply not the middle self—our reasoning mind— that sends the vital force to the high self, but the low self. This is a brilliant example for the fact that religion, understood intelligently, has much in common with science, as it is inquisitive, and not based upon dogma.

I leave it here with my review, expressing my thankfulness to the authors and to my own higher self for having guided me to find this precious resource of wisdom.

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