The Energy Medicine Kit


The Energy Medicine KitDonna Eden, with David Feinstein, New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1999.

The Energy Medicine Kit is really an ingenuous product. I was very pleased when I received it and opened that promising yellow box. And how well all is put together! This would make a wonderful present, to be true!

I congratulate the authors and the publisher to have come up with this brilliant idea, that I have seen nowhere before! I have myself started my journey through this Kit by watching the DVD, seeing Donna Eden in her healing seminars. It was a good idea to combine the literary content with multimedia clips. Now, after discovering the DVD, I saw that I had much more in this precious thunder box. There is a crystal, and I wondered what to do with it. 

The Energy Medicine Kit
The Energy Medicine Kit

So I looked first in the Guidebook to find some instructions, and found them on page 21: ‘How to Use The Energy Medicine Kit,’ with reference to page 23: ‘Using a Crystal As Your Training Wheels.’ I would like to quote here from this guide as this is really useful to know before-hand:

While I am a hands-on kind of healer, some people find it easier to begin to experiment with energy methods if they use a device such as a crystal. Like everything else, crystals carry a vibrational rate that can influence other energies in their proximity. Crystals also reflect light, perhaps the most primary vibration of the universe. Spinning the crystal over an electromagnetically sensitive point on the skin has a subtle but immediate effect on the energies involved with that point. When practiced with consistency, working with a crystal can begin to bring about beneficial changes in your energies and in your life./23

Then I saw that the first of the 43 cards contains specific information about ‘How to Spin a Crystal’, and I tried out the exercise described on Card 2 ‘Spinning a Crystal over Your Chakras’ and made a surprising discovery. As the two-year old baby of my friend had a headache that day, I taught the girl to hold the crystal in front of her third eye and spin it first in clock-wise and then in counter clock-wise direction. The girl, very attentive to this healing technique that she surely had never seen before, and smart enough in holding and spinning the crystal, did it for about one minute. Then they left my office. Half an hour later the mother came back to me with the girl, smiling, and told me the baby’s headache had disappeared completely.

Well, I don’t know of course if this was a coincidence as this was not a repeated experience, but there is a possibility that the healing was effected by the crystal. I know that usually when the girl has a headache it’s for hours in a row and the mother brings her to the doctor; however, this was that time obviously not necessary.

As I am myself in perfect health in the moment, I have not tried out the crystal or any other of the techniques taught in the Kit on myself, but I will surely do so in case of sickness.

If you need more information for building trust in energy medicine, you should perhaps do what I did before I ordered this Kit, i.e. read about the theoretical and cross-cultural research the author has done relating to her energy healing practice, by ordering her book Energy Medicine that she co-authored with David Feinstein.

The present Kit is a practical guide for self-healing, while the book offers you insights, information and research about energy healing, and practical guidance for self-healing.

Last not least, let me mention the 21 exercises on the CD audio that is equally provided with this Kit. Now, I found it a little difficult to exactly take the body positions the author describes on the CD for the various exercises, and it would have greatly facilitated the understanding if the author would have included some additional cards for the exercises on the CD that demonstrate visually the positions to take. But this is surely the only negative point I could find in this overall very beautiful Kit.

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