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Infinite MindScience of Human Vibrations of Consciousness, Malibu, CA: Malibu Publishing, 2000.

I found Infinite Mind by Valerie Hunt only recently, while it’s not a new book. It was published in 2000, but the research it is based upon dates back to the 1970s. But that does in no way turn down or diminish the importance of this book. In the contrary, it shows that every thorough research needs decades to really condense into something we call a science. And then, there is another lapse of time involved in this science to be recognized by the established science tradition and academia!

This has to my knowledge not been done yet specifically for Hunt’s Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, but it has been done in a larger framework, within what today is called consciousness research, and which has been fertilized by many different sciences.

I would like to focus in this review on phenomena the author observed and measured, or that she reports having been measured by others, and that later, in some cases have been corroborated by further research.

There is a staggeringly simple experiment that was repeated over and over and where observations coincided over time, and with various researchers. It is an advanced form of intuiting answers that usually is done with a computer and where the test person clicks the mouse or hits a pad every time, and as fast as possible, to give the answer to a specific question.

The author writes:

We observed that before the brain wave was activated and before stimuli altered the heart rate, blood pressure or breathing, the field had already responded. This led us to postulate that a person’s primary response in his world takes place first in the auric field, not in the sensory nerves nor in the brain./25

The same results for the same kind of experiment were reported by Dean Radin and Michael Talbot, in their books, reviewed on this site. Today the measurements would of course be much more precise than back in the 1970s, as Dean Radin reports, and errors can be as good as excluded. It was clearly shown in these experiments that the field reacted long before the stimulus was getting to the brain, let alone triggered the action response. This important experiment shows that the human brain practices pre-intellectual decision–making that is totally intuitive, and that is probably not located in the brain, because it’s pre–cognitive, but in the aura, energy field or etheric body of the person. What answers here is thus not the brain, not the cognitive apparatus, but the field itself, the plasmatic energy at the root of all life.

The next important point to consider is the relationship between the observer and the observed, that equally was extensively treated in the studies of both Dean Radin and Michael Talbot, and countless other more recent studies. Valerie Hunt writes:

A subatomic interpretation is that there is no universe without an observer. It has been said that there is no physical universe without our thoughts about it. Quantum physics reminds us that the moment one inquires into matter, like an electron that has no position, velocity, momentum or spin, that electron acquires character. Simply, we cannot observe the world without participating with it. Observers are part of the nature of physical reality, where matter and mind blend. Furthermore, when studying open dynamic systems, there can never be identical answers. The importance of repeating studies is not to determine ‘truths’, but to disclose many truths—different pieces of information to fill in the puzzle. /44

Valerie Hunt
Valerie Hunt

But perhaps the most important research is the one done directly on the field, research that formerly was called aura research and that we now call research on the human energy field. This research is so vast today, and branches out so extensively that my guess is it will be the foremost research topic in the future. It will probably open the door to getting beyond the speed-of-light limitation and allow to build magnetic-driven spaceships, as we know them from science fiction. Besides, the applications in daily life are so countless that I do not need to mention them here. The author writes:

Not until we investigated practices of Eastern medicine and acupuncture did we give serious attention to human energy fields. Still, Western science does not consider the human auric field a credible area for research. If one cannot see the aura and discussion of it is couched in unfamiliar language from other cultures, one doubts its value. Ancient writings claiming that chakras are the auric field source with meridian pathways the circulation route do not fit snugly into the current understanding from structural anatomy. Nonetheless, the few who have chosen to research this uncharted human field area discover facts unique to living fields that also correspond to universal laws. The human field looms as primary to life./65

As this book is very large and complex, I will focus here further on Chapter VI of the book entitled ‘Emotions: The Mind-Field Organizer’ because I believe this is one of the most important topics of the book. I will just list the quotes here that concern Hunt’s alternative view on emotions, which exactly coincides with my own research on emotions:

Emotions carry the essence of our unique and collective consciousness. (…) I suggest that human emotion is the organizer of energy fields./104

Current ideas about the psychology of emotion need to be re-evaluated./105

In the last 25 years, 100 new schools of psychology have been established. But there has not been a revolutionary new idea about human emotion since the early part of this century. While it is true that transpersonal psychology is pointing to higher spiritual aspects of consciousness, it is still with a weak voice that is not commanding the attention paid to the old models. Actually, even transpersonal psychology is not radically new; it is merely an extension of older concepts. /106

I have done this re-evaluation of emotions research in my books and I speak of a unique emotional identity code, and now find in the present book that Dr. Hunt speaks of a specific ‘personal emotional field signature’ (p. 111), which she describes as a form of steady state of emotionality that represents something like a unique emotional patterning that differs from one person to the other. Dr. Hunt writes:

In contrast to the emotions at the material body level, in altered states there is evidence of an open emotional system that is dynamically in touch with deep needs and subtle happenings in the universe. /106

Here in the no-time/space realm, one discovers free emotional energy, a super-consciousness state, the home of the peak experiences that we never forget. Here the closed system opens, revealing a broad continuum of emotions that explain things we knew about ourselves, particularly the schisms in our awareness. /Id.

I strongly believe that the internal dynamics of the most complex biofield, the human energy field, are based on its emotional organization. /109

At the deepest level, all things are composed of vibrations organized into fields that permeate the entire structure. Fields, / whether biological or otherwise, have their own integrity. They are organized, not random, and they have the capacity to selectively react, interact, and transact—to respond passively, and to cooperatively unite with other fields. In other words, the mind aspect of the field, the aspect with the highest vibrations dynamically guides all choices and transactions as it influences and is influenced by all other fields./109-110

For researching systems theory, I have started my scientific journey exactly with a closer look at what is pattern in nature, and how pattern is distinct from principles, as we know them from our scientific formulations of natural laws. Dr. Hunt writes:

Patterns of the mind dictate complex human behaviors; brain patterns activate simpler ones. Every experience has concomitant emotions, and every emotion temporarily restructures the field. Activated emotions increase the electromagnetic flow of the field. Likewise, emotions arise from an altered electromagnetic environment. /110

My research shows that human energy fields display a continuum. The extremely low frequencies (ELF), are directly involved with life’s biological processes. The extremely high / frequency (EHF) patterns ally with the mind-field and awareness. The general pattern of ELF is similar for all people, while the EHF reveals a personal signature of emotional patterning for each person. Therefore, an individual’s mind-field patterns may show unique clumps of energy at different frequencies with breaks in the frequencies along the total mind-field spectrum./110-111

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