Healing Sounds DVD


Healing Sounds DVDPrinciples of Sound Healing, DVD, 90 min., Sacred Mysteries, 2004.

It was through the Healing Sounds DVD that I heard about Jonathan Goldman. Only afterwards I ordered his books Healing Sounds and Tantra of Sound. From the start of watching this DVD I was captivated.

Goldman understands to present a highly complex and  rather mathematical matter in an easy style, without losing depth. And he artfully has interwoven practice and theory, as this DVD is not just a lecture but spends about half of the time in pure practical advice.

This production is good for everyone who wants to learn the basics and even advanced techniques of sound healing. It is also an excellent awareness-builder.

Here is how the DVD is built and what it contains over the one hour and a half of its really generous playing time. Part I gives a general introductory lecture about the principles and the healing properties of sound. Here Goldman speaks to a small audience in an elegant, intimate setting.

Part II is an interesting interlude about Cymatics and the experiences of Dr. Hans Jenny in the 1970s that Goldman further references in his book Healing Sounds. Goldman shows how with Cymatics it was proved that sound creates patterns, very specific and beautiful patterns, and that the form and size of the patterns depends on the frequency of the sound.

Jonathan Goldman
Jonathan Goldman

Part III is an experiment with creating a sound that matches the group oversoul of the audience. Jonathan Goldman creates an overtone sound, using overtone singing, a technique used, inter alia, by Tibetan monks, in order to project light into the luminous bodies of all people present in the audience, and the house where he gave his presentation.

Part IV is a practical demonstration of Jonathan Goldman applying a healing treatment to a person by using vocal intonations and sound created by a Tibetan bowl.

Part V is an overview of recordings by Jonathan Goldman that he has realized using his expertise in overtone singing and projecting intent into sound for various purposes.

Healing Sounds DVD Preview
Healing Sounds DVD Preview

I highly recommend this DVD for everyone, professionals or lay people, interested in sound healing, not only as a practitioner, but also for personal awareness building on the importance and omnipresence of sound in our life.

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