Healing the Luminous Body


Healing the Luminous BodyThe Way of the Shaman, Sacred Mysteries: 2004, featuring paintings by Alex Grey.

Healing the Luminous Body was my first access to Dr. Villoldo’s unique healing methods that he presents and explains in more detail in his books. This DVD is very well done, a calm and peaceful introduction into the philosophy, the development and the effectiveness of healing the luminous body..

Dr. Villoldo expresses himself fluently, and he is able to inform about the unusual subject in a competent and poised manner. It becomes clear that he speaks of experience, not of theory.

The video also retraces his professional way, how he got to the knowledge that today benefits so many people in the West, and how, at the start, he was really a pioneer.

In this sense, despite enlightening new openings presented to a greater public in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, people like Alberto Villoldo swim against the stream. For the enlightenment, as in all times of turmoil and change, does not seem to reach the small oligarchy that handle the levers and push the buttons, and that use red telephones and secret services.

I say this to prevent you from falling in an unreal new age enthusiasm that deprives so many people today of their feet and lets them float in the pure air of meditation, spirituality and angels. Villoldo is not one of those lofty spirits! His teaching is grounded, and therefore helps us connect with the not so luminous forces in us, our inner shadow, or all the shadows that are the results of the imprints in our luminous body, which are for the most part the consequences of early abuse suffered as children, or that go back to former lifetimes.

Villoldo is not only a fabulous author, who is able to wrap his teaching in a beautiful and wistful poetic style, but he’s also a great orator, and his way of talking triggered in me pure hope, love, and enthusiasm. I am thankful for this wonderful DVD as it helps to introduce in his teaching which is not as easy to apply as it seems on first sight. After all, it is taken from a culture almost opposite to ours, a culture that is psychologically and spiritually much higher evolved than ours.

In this fascinating and informative video, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., introduces viewers to the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs our physical body like a blueprint of life. Unveiling the secret of ancient shaman-healers, he teaches us that many of our physical and psychological problems stem from imprints within our luminous body. Dr. Villoldo reveals the nature of this luminous field, how it acts as a blueprint for our physical body and how by understanding its nature, we can actually heal ourselves and each other. Once the luminous body is cleared, Dr. Villoldo explains, physical and emotional healing can begin.

Trained as a Medical Anthropologist, Dr. Villoldo left the academic world behind twenty years ago to study among the Inka shamans. It was in the Andes Mountains of South America that he discovered the wisdom of the luminous body from the indigenous shamans. This ancient knowledge reveals the secret of true health and happiness.

To aid Dr. Villoldo explaining the luminous energy field, the paintings of visionary artist Alex Grey are presented. No other artist has depicted the luminous energy form in all of its intricacies as clearly as Alex Grey. Dr. Villoldo’s presentation, together with Alex Grey’s images help all of us understand the nature of our spiritual and physical being.

Many of our illnesses, physical disorders, addictions and failed relationships can be traced to faulty imprints in our luminous body. In this video, Dr. Villoldo unveils how to heal and recover from these destructive imprints and regain our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Join us as we travel to the Andes Mountains to learn the secret of the ancient shamans, a secret that can lead all of us to health, happiness and beauty.
—From: DVD Back Cover

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