Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation (Kindle Edition)


A well-written book on the psychology of motivation, well-argued, well-illustrated, well-explained, logical and straightforward. We creators all know that pleasure is so important while we never heard anything about it in our schooling or vocational training. This book explains all the hooks and crannies about pleasure and why pleasure, positive feelings are so important for learning motivation.

I myself have experienced that learning motivation if often asphinxed by discipline and inflexiblity in the form of misguided willpower. When you force things, the elegance that spontaneity and carefreeness add to your creations evaporates and the result is a dry and rigid thing that smells coercion.

While the author tackles the subject academically and I would say left-brained, I myself keep my learning motivation high through a more spontaneous approach, an extremely flexible approach that avoids pushing things through to a point to resent a certain task because it comes over as a boring routine. What to do to keep your motivation high?

I am myself using my subconscious mind when I am losing motivation. This means that I do not try consciously and willfully to regain motivational drive, but wait until it naturally occurs as a result of my subconscious mind activating it again through repeating my daily prayer. But sitting there and turning your thumbs is also not very helpful, for your subconscious mind needs you to move forward, then it will connect to any other activity that is *not* demotivating you.

This is why I recommend to always do several things at the same time, because when motivation vanishes off for finalizing one, you may finalize any of the other instead. It is important that the activities are not too similar, like writing one book on science, another being a poetic work, another still an audiobook, and other works involving cooking, cleaning or making order in one’s library.

Our intelligence is differently structured when different kinds of activities are involved. At the end of the day, if all this is still not motivating me, I can as well drink a good bottle of wine, play Mahjong, do a drawing or painting, or vacuum-clean the apartment …

You will realize when you follow my advice that times of demotivation become as rare in your life as accidents: for after all to be demotivated is an accident and not a natural occurrence.

This author however is not as spontaneity-minded as I myself, but for most people his method probably works better. It is left-brain, orderly and well-argued. Mine is improvised, right-brain and not argued at all:)

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    This is definitely the last free review I have done in my life. From now reviews are a business service and have a price tag:


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