These Book and Media Reviews were written between 2005 and 2015, the result of an effort for making a contribution not only to academia, but more so, to college students around the world who wish to be informed about books that cover the exciting adventure of the paradigm changes in business, science and society that we are currently living through.

The reviews have been published in three volumes, as a sort of review trilogy that are intended to be a coherent whole. Here is more information.

This journey, undertaken with the intention to share knowledge that I believe is useful to many people, was a great challenge and adventure and opened me new pathways that were confirming my research on the perennial holistic wisdom of ancient civilizations who were thriving before patriarchy was putting nature upside-down about five thousand years ago.

Currently, with the advent of a networked global society, and systems theory as its scientific paradigm, we are virtually looking into a different world, with a rise of ‘horizontal’ and ‘sustainable’ structures both in our business culture, and in science, and last not least on the important areas of psychology, medicine, and spirituality.

A paradigm, from Greek ‘paradeigma’, is a pattern of things, a configuration of ideas, a set of dominant beliefs, a certain way of looking at the world, a set of assumptions, a frame of reference or lens, and even an entire worldview.

While most of this new and yet old path has yet to be trotted, we cannot deny the changes that happen all around us every day.

Invariably, as students, scientists, doctors, consultants, lawyers, business executives or government officials, we face problems today that are so complex, entangled and novel that they cannot possibly be solved on the basis of our old paradigm, and our old way of thinking. As Albert Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem on the same level of thought that created it in the first place—hence the need for changing our view of looking at things, the world, and our personal and collective predicaments.

What still about half a decade ago seemed unlikely is happening now all around us: we are rediscovering more and more fragments of an integrative and holistic wisdom that represents the cultural and scientific legacy of many ancient tribes and kingdoms that were based upon a perennial tradition which believed that all in our universe is interconnected, and that humans are set in the world to consciously live in unison with the infinite wisdom inherent in creation as a major task for driving evolution forward!

It happens in science, since the advent of quantum physics and string theory, it happens in neuroscience and systems theory, it happens in biology, in ecology, and as a result, and because science is a major motor in society, it happens now with increasing speed in the industrial and the business world, and in the way people earn their lives and manifest their talents through their professional engagement.

More and more people begin to realize that we cannot honestly continue to destroy our globe by disregarding the natural law of self-regulation, both outside, by polluting air and water, and inside, by tolerating our emotions to be in a state of repression and turmoil. Self-regulation is built into the life function and it can be found as a consistent pattern in the lifestyle of natives peoples around the world.

It is similar with our immense intuitive and imaginal faculties that were downplayed in centuries of darkness and fragmentation, and that now emerge anew as major key stones in a worldview that puts the whole human at the frontline, a human who uses their whole brain, and who knows to balance their emotions and natural passions so as to arrive at a state of inner peace and synergistic relationships with others that bring mutual benefit instead of one-sided egotistic satisfaction.

For a real change to happen, we need to change the thinker, as Krishnamurti used to say,which means we need to undergo a transformation that puts our higher self in charge as the caretaker of our lives, releasing our conditioned ego from this task.

Hence the need to really look over the fence and get beyond social, cultural and racial conditioning for adopting an integrative, holistic and systemliterate worldview that is focused on a higher level than mere problem-solving.

Systemliteracy is a term I have coined. Systemliteracy is the true understanding not only of nature, but also of the human energy field, human emotions, the complexities about war and violence, and how humans can ultimately be led to establishing world peace.

What all these books convey is that it’s not too late, be it for our planet and for us humans, our careers, our science, our collective spiritual advancement, our scientific understanding of nature, and that we can thrive in a world that is surely more different in ten years from now that it was one hundred years in the past compared to now.

We are free to continue to feel like victims in this new reality, and wait for being taken care of by the state, or we may accept the state, and society, as human creations that will never be perfect, and venture into creating our lives and careers in accordance with our true mission, and based upon our real gifts and talents.

I haven’t given ratings in my reviews, and for good reason. I find rating content a misguided popular institution that puts the consumer in the role of the ‘king’ to judge all and everything from a naturally limited personal perspective. As mindful humans we should be careful with judgment, with judging others, or judging what others have achieved and produced in terms of intellectual or artistic content.

This being said, the very fact that a book was included here is proof enough of the fact that the book is highly worthwhile reading, and the review serves to elucidate the why and how of that. Besides, there was no need to give any specific ‘star’ ratings.

I hope that any book you may be interested in that is included here can help you to lead a better life, have a higher understanding of your own path of life, help you to have better relationships, a more harmonious emotional life, and a tighter grasp of scientific research and ultimately—a success boost in your personal path of life.

On the other hand, if any particular book you want to see reviewed is not included here, you may write to me. Depending on available time, I may consider your request.

—Peter Fritz Walter

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