The Divine Code

The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & You: The Secret Success Code of the Universe, by Matthew Cross & Robert Friedman, M.D., Stamford, Conn.: Hoshin Media, 2009

A book that I highly recommend for all intelligent people on the globe, a super-rich fabric of creative possibilities, a plethora of uncanny ideas, an incredible showmanship of creative genius that goes over 600+ pages, but comes with a very affordable pricetag. The book is also fully illustrated.


I have not yet entirely read the book. It is perhaps impossible to really read all, it’s so much and so much to digest afterwards; so it’s an ongoing project. And by the way, this really is an ongoing project also for the authors. Let me copy in here there invitation to participate, to be found at p. 627 of the book.

An Invitation to Join the Divine Code Project & Blog

At you’ll find the latest news and ongoing conversations about The Divine Code on The Divine Code Blog.

The Divine Code Project is an ongoing research initiative set up by the authors. Its mission is to identify and explore the infinite manifestations, applications and benefits of the Divine Code and then to share these findings with the public. We would welcome and appreciate your contributions. Please submit any unusual, unique or new examples of The Divine Code in action you may know of to us via the site. Examples are of course infinite, and could include the following categories.

  • Anthropology, Archelogy and History
  • Architecture and Design
  • Art, Photography, Poetry, Film and Music
  • Business, Finance, Advertising and Marketing
  • Health, Nutrition and Medicine
  • Nature and the Universe
  • Physics, Statistics and Engineering
  • Science, Biology and Mathematics
  • Spirituality, Psychology and Relationships
  • Sports and Peak Performance
  • Tricks, Games and Puzzles


Hardwired within every one of us, woven through the Universe at every level … You’re holding the first book of its kind in history—a handbook for the practical application of the Secret Code of the Universe, Life and Success. This Code is the key to a vast treasure, hidden within you right now. Code name? The Divine Code. This revolutionary book by a leading-edge medical doctor and an acclaimed international strategy consultant will illuminate your perspective, active your innate genius and transform your life.
—Source: Backcover


Editorial Note

The authors have taken the liberty to change a grammatical convention by using capital letters for several special words. In particular, we have chosen to capitalize the words Sequence, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Golden Rectangle, Golden Star, Nature and Universe. Due to the immense importance and uniqueness of the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio/Spiral/Rectangle/Star—no ordinary sequences, ratios, spirals, stars or rectangles—we have elevated their case. We also appreciate the fact that Nature (Gaia) is a living entity and thereby refer to her not as an impersonal ‘nature,’ but as a more personal ‘Nature.’

Due to the practical inability to accurately measure the many spirals featured in this book, we use the term ‘Golden Spiral’ liberally in our descriptions of spirals, whether they be Fibonacci, true Golden Spirals, or other logarithmic spirals.


I wish more life to creative rhythms of great Nature. Nature with a capital N as we spell God with a capital G. Why? Because Nature is all the body of God we mortals will ever see.
—Frank Lloyd Wright

Downloadable Font

The authors inform the reader that the font they used for the header can be downloaded for free. The curious thing about this font is that its creator(s) has modeled the font seriously after the handwriting of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

I found that it can be purchased here and can be downloaded for free here.

According to this website the font can also be used via scripting without the need to download it. Here is a sample how this font looks.



As it is my common practice, I will not say much about this book; rather, I will give the authors a voice to talk from their book sufficiently enough that the reader of the review wants to buy the book and enrich their life. For this 5-star rated book has definitely be an incredible enrichment to my life and my academic knowledge.

It has also shown me contrary to similar books about the golden mean that with a set of ideas about the basic arithmetic nature of the universe, we can develop a plethora of new uncanny ideas and inventions that have high practical and definite personal value.

Reading this book is a real joy for a creative person, seeing how much the rule of ‘repetitive structure’ that is embedded in the fractal nature of all things in our universe can be applied not from the whole to the embedded detail, but from any given detail to form new wholes.

The book comes with an extended bibliography that shows exemplarily the depth of research conducted by the authors, and a large set of websites around the subjects the book touches and discusses creatively.

I will now provide the readers of my reviews with some quotes that are embedded under their respective chapters and sub-chapters.


I first learned of the Golden Mean from a book my mother gave me at age 13, John Michell’s The View over Atlantis. On page 96 I learned of this magical universal design principle for harmonious growth, unity, success and elightenment. The Golden Mean has also been variously known through the ages as the Divine Proportion/Ratio and Golden Ratio/Section. My co-author Robert Friedman, M.D. and I have added the Divine Code to this lexicon. In his brilliant book, Michell also explored the voluminous, compelling evidence for a highly advanced ancient global civilization, whose fusion of technology, spirit and natural laws exceeded our own. He wrote:

We all live within the ruins of an ancient structure, whose vast size has hitherto rendered it invisible. The entire surface of the earth is marked with the traces of a gigantic work of prehistoric engineering, the remains of a once universal system of natural magic, involving the use of polar magnetism together with another force related to solar energy … We are approaching some imminent revelation from the lost world through which we may come to perceive the true nature of both our planet and ourselves … /17

Look beyond the chaos of existence and you see order. It is not utopian or fascistical or like any kind of man-made order, but divine and perfect, and it existed before time. Socrates called it the ‘heavenly pattern’ which anyone can discover, and once they have found it they can establish it in themselves.
—John Michell

Golden Ratio Spiral
The Golden Ratio 1.618 … The large section of the line is in ratio to the small section as the whole line is in ration to the large section.

It may be easier for the beginner to visualize the correlation in a more linear perspective as the following graphics allows it to do. It also shows that a Golden Ratio Pair of Dividers can be fashioned for the purpose of quickly detecting Golden Ratio proportions on any object, on the human body, on flowers, trees, insects, and so on.


These Golden Ratio Calipers can be purchased online.

Golden Ratio Calipers (Amazon)
Golden Ratio Calipers (Amazon)

Further study lead me to Peter Tompkins’ classic book, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, which explores the fascinating linkages between the Great Pyramid and the Golden Mean. (…) A ubiquitous Divine Code of efficiency and beauty that underlies and governs the infinitely large and small universes and the growth of life itself? Deliberately embodied in structures ranging from the Great Pyramid to the Parthenon? Formula of intense fascination for many of the world’s greatest geniuses, from Plato to Da Vinci and Kepler—and a key formative inspiration for Einstein? A dynamic principle of unity for the divine fusion of heaven, earth and man? I felt like I had discovered a veritable Ark of the Covenant with the Holy Grail inside! /18

The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid Golden Mean treasury. The Pyramid’s design elegantly integrates both Phi/the Golden Ratio (1.618) and Pi (3.141) with a jeweler’s precision.
Golden Ratio Sections in the Parthenon
Golden Ratio Sections in the Parthenon

As I continued to learn about the Golden Mean, it became increasingly obvious that it fit my peak performance/navigational criteria—I just didn’t exactly know how. Its value as a guide for symmetry, aesthetics and beauty was easy to see; I enjoyed experimenting with it artistically. Yet there seemed to be a missing link between what was obviously a priceless canon of wisdom and its practical application to the big issues and questions in life. /19

The Golden Ratio Spiral
The Golden Spiral—also called Fibonacci Spiral—grows at the rate of 1.618 … per turn. The Golden Spiral symbol stands also for the seed/origin of the Universe (Tibet); a similar glyph is associated with Quetzacoatle, the great Aztec God of Light (Mexico).

This is a non-linear book; each part is linked holographically to the whole. There’s no ‘right way’ to read it. Wherever and however you explore, it will be right for you.


Perhaps the most prominant example at the dawn of the 21st century is Dan Brown’s bestselling book The Da Vinci Code, one of the most successful novels in history and a major motion picture directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks. The Divine Code/PHI and the Fibonacci Sequence all play an intriguing part in Brown’s hugely popular book. Robert Langdon, the book’s central character, echoes many ancient masters when he calls PHI/1.618 The Most Beautiful Number in the Universe. /21

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

To achieve the impossible one must think the unthinkable, it has been said. Divine Code genius Albert Einstein summed up this concept with these famous words: Imagination is more important than knowledge. I never made any of my greatest discoveries through the process of rational thinking alone. /21


Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi.
(Our golden ratio is not ordinary gold)

In the year 2001, the seed ideas for this book were being formally organized. It was also the year of a monumental global event. 2001 was the year in which the world’s population hit six-billion, one hundred eighty-million, three-hundred thirty-nine thousand, eight-hundred eighty-seven (6,180,339,887). This even was probably missed by most of those six billion-plus people—except for those lucky enough to know about the world’s most fascinating number/ratio, known is Phi (Φ). The infinite number Phi is most commonly recognized as 1.618 (0339887 …), or its twin, (phi), 0.618 (0339887 …). The ability to recognize Phi (or phi) in its many forms (also known as the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Ratio) is inborn in all of us, as it is the blueprint for the growth and movement of life and matter. However, we can realize many profound benefits through its conscious reactivation. /25

Golden Section Ratio in the Human Body
Golden Section Ratio in the Human Body

Since our bodies are designed according to Divine Proportion, it only follows that they should move according to Divine Proportion. And with the bones and muscles aligning in Divine Proportion, so do all of the deeper structures, including the internal organs. The functioning of the entire body and mind cannot help but be improved. By aligning with Nature’s Divine Code all health will be enhanced. /27

Golden Ratio Percentage
Golden Ratio Percentage

A common way of looking at the Divine Propertion or Golden Ratio is by the use of a line divided at its Golden Ratio point. This is a point that divides the line into approximately 62% and 38% sections. /27-28

13 Remarkable Divine Code Qualities

Golden Section and Golden Spiral
Golden Section and Golden Spiral
  1. Genius Activation—Your personal key to the Philosopher’s Stone and universal wisdom.
  2. Universal Blueprint—Guides the form, function and growth of energy, matter, motion and life.
  3. Ubiquity—Can be found virtually everywhere.
  4. Micro-Macro—Manifests at all levels of reality from the atomic to the galactic scale.
  5. Efficiency, Effortlessness and Flow—Nature’s Path of Least Resistance and Maximum Performance.
  6. Unifying—Integrates parts into a greater, harmonious whole.
  7. Infinite—Nature’s premier irrational number, having no beginning and no end.
  8. Mysterious, Magical and Magnetic—Has fascinated geniuses throughout history.
  9. Beauty, Harmony, Pleasure and Value—Where the Code is found, so are these aspects.
  10. Timeless—Appears as a powerful archetype in all civilizations.
  11. Evolutionary—A path for continual growth, improvement and transformation.
  12. Open Secret—Freely available to all at all times.
  13. Divine—Spiritual tool for contemplating the infinite. /29

0 The Universal Genius Activation Code

Golden Ratio Spirals in Mother Nature
Golden Ratio Spirals in Mother Nature

Exposure to any aspect of the Divine Code has the potential to activate the unique genius within you. No matter what your chosen field or endeavor, a quantum jump in insight and success is likely to happen as a result of exposure to the Code. Prominent examples of this include Leonardo Fibonacci, Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Luca Pacioli and Albert Einstein. A review of the biographies of these (and many other) history-shaping individuals reveals that they all had one unusual thing in common. At some point in their lives, often early on, they learned of the Divine Code. This learning occurred in many ways, such as through reading a textbook on sacred geometry, being instructed by a mentor, and via observation and contemplation of the patterns and rhythms of nature. /31-32.

Fibonacci Spiral with their Number Relations
Fibonacci Spiral with their Number Relations

Once the Divine Code activation occurred for these individuals, they went on to make great discoveries and contributions in their particular fields. Their actual contributions may or may not have directly involved the Divine Code. Nevertheless, these individuals developed an unusual degree of expanded insight that allowed critical advancements in their respective fields. A prime example is the great, yet unheralded, Leonardo Fibonacci. Fibonacci (c. 1170-1250) contributed four monumental achievments to the world. He introduced to Western civilization the Hindu/Arabic numerals we use today, the concept of zero and the decimal system. His forth great achievment was the elaboration of the ‘rabbit riddle,’ which was based on what was later to be known as the ‘Fibonacci Sequence.’ These advances radically changed Western science, business, art, architecture and culture. They laid the foundation for the Renaissance and set the stage for the world we live in today. /32-33

Leonardo da Vinci and the Golden Ratio
Leonardo da Vinci and the Golden Ratio

The Golden Genius of Da Vinci

The legendary Fra Luca Pacioli instructed Leonardo da Vinci in Divine Proportion and artistic perspective. Pacioli, a sacred geometry master, initiated Da Vinci into the mysteries and endless applications of the Divine Code. After this period of exposure to the principles of the Code, many of Da Vinci’s works often directly expressed aspects of the Golden Ratio. However, while other of Da Vinci’s inventions and works of art may not have directly revealed the Golden Ratio, they were masterworks in their own right. Da Vinci’s visionary expressions as a scientist and artist were likely catalyzed by his early exposure to the Bode, as taught by his mentor Fra Luca Pacioli. Pacioli immersed himself in the study of the Divine Code to such a degree that he was known as ‘the monk drunk on beauty.’ Beauty of course is simply the Divine Code expressed by Nature in her innumerable, stunning forms. With his own exposure to the Code, Pacioli went on to write not only his famous Divina Proportione, he also wrote the earliest books on double entry accounting, Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita (The Summation of Arithmetic, Geometry, Proportion and Proportionality). His fundamental insights form the basis of accounting and business systems, as we know them today. As a result of this contribution, Pacioli had another title bestowed upon him—‘The Father of Accounting.’ /34-35

1a Leonardo Fibonacci & The Secret of the Divine Code

Leonardo Pisano. Leonardo Fibonacci.
Leonardo Pisano. Leonardo Fibonacci.

In the 12th century, Leonardo Fibonaci of Pisa recognized and enumerated the ubiquitous, original code of creation. We call it the Divine Code. /39

The Quintessential Divine Code

Golden Ratio Template Available at Vector Stock
Golden Ratio Template Available at Vector Stock

The Divine Code’s five primary facets include:

  • The infinite Fibonacci Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 …
  • The Golden Ratio of 1.618:1
  • The Golden Rectangle
  • The Golden Spiral
  • The Golden Star

The ratio between adjecent numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence reflects the Golden Ratio. As the sequence progresses, the ratios of adjecent numbers ever more closely approach the Golden Ratio of 1.61803 … The Fibonacci Sequence is a quick and easy way to generate progressively finer approximations of the Golden Ratio. /41

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