Practical Memory

Practical Memory: A Simple Guide to Help You Remember More & Forget Less in Your Everyday Life (Kindle Edition), by I.C. Robledo.


Useful little book on improving your memory. I know that most of the techniques and methods offered and explained work, for I found them myself in the course of my life, as my memory was so bad as a youngster and that was so in all our family.

So once at a level of writing my doctoral thesis in international law at Geneva University back in 1985, I became acutely aware that I needed to drastically improve my memory. So I did a research in the Main Library on mnemonic aids and methods and found quite a number that I started to apply in my daily life. Many of them I found now again in this book.

The book is well-written and the way of presenting the ideas is clear and comprehensive. I have enjoyed reading it. The astonishing thing is perhaps that most of the techniques are based and grounded in daily life and can be practiced on a simple daily level, without intellectualizing the matter in any way. Thus, IQ does not play a major role in improving your memory I found!

This very fact may make this little guide book accessible for a large readership.

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