Awaken a New Myth

Awaken a New Myth: Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey,
by Karen La Puma

Karen La Puma’s ‘Awakening’ series is a remarkable contribution to spiritual development for those who like her embrace the ascending journey through mythical stories and the gradual unfoldment of archetypal energies in their lives.

The present title of the series focuses on becoming a Hero through the assemblage, if I may call it so, of the Goddess and Warrior energies. A number of precisely outlined steps are to be taken for achieving this goal. The author explains those steps, as a kind of ‘work module’ comprehensively in her book.

Knowledge of Carl Jung’s teaching of the collective unconscious may be helpful in understanding the ‘archetypal journey’ in the sense the author has made it the focus of her teaching of spiritual development, but it is not required for understanding the book nor for actually walking the mythopoetic path of the ‘enlightened warrior’ — male or female.

The author’s teaching also has a more practical side to it for her design of her books is unique. She namely uses sophisticated pictorial content to reinforce the message of the text. On every page you find one or two emotionally appealing images that serve as placeholders for additional content that smoothly underlines what is being said in the text. This is a design technique I have not found with any other author of spiritual books, and it certainly contributes to the attractiveness of these book series.

I highly recommend ‘Awakening a New Myth.’ May the book be a companion on your journey to self-integration and spiritual unfoldment!

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