Practical Memory

A Simple Guide to Help You Remember More & Forget Less in Your Everyday Life (Kindle Edition), by I.C. Robledo. Useful little book on improving your memory. I know that most of the techniques and methods offered and explained work, for I found them myself in the course of my life, as my memory was… Continue reading Practical Memory

Think Yourself Rich

More about Dr. Joseph Murphy Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Find True Wealth, Revised by Ian D. McMahan, Ph.D., New York: Penguin Putnam, 2001. Review Think Yourself Rich if one of Dr. Murphy’s books I found only recently, and I think it is very well written and edited, perhaps one of the best-edited books… Continue reading Think Yourself Rich

Hara, the Vital Center of Man

Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 2004. Originally published in 1956. Translated from German by Sylvia-Monica von Kospoth in collaboration with Estelle R. Healey. Hara is essential reading for all who inquire into the spiritual principles and practices that are fundamental to all wisdom traditions and natural healing professions. —Don Stapleton, Self-Awakening Yoga About the Author Karlfried… Continue reading Hara, the Vital Center of Man

Quantum Shift to the Global Brain

  How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World, Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2008. This book by Ervin Laszlo is dramatic; it is like approaching an abyss and looking down how steep it is. This is a metaphor for the possibility of refusing the necessary changes that we are facing globally now. It is… Continue reading Quantum Shift to the Global Brain

A New Worldview

  Conversations at the Leading Edge, Erie, PA: Epic Publishing, 1996 A New Worldview, edited and published by Russell E. DiCarlo, is somehow a radical book in that it really holds its promise: it presents a new worldview, and all its contributors are leading-edge scientists and paranormal healers of the highest caliber and with the highest… Continue reading A New Worldview

Steering Business Toward Sustainability

  Edited with Wolfgang Pauli, New York: United Nations University Press, 1995 Steering Business Toward Sustainability is a book of high practical value for leaders and organizations who are conscious of the need for deep ecology and the challenge we presently face to update most of our basic business routines and procedures in order to build… Continue reading Steering Business Toward Sustainability

Uncommon Wisdom

  Conversations with Remarkable People, New York: Bantam Books, 1989 Uncommon Wisdom, by Fritjof Capra, is not strictly speaking a science book, but it elucidates much about the scientist Fritjof Capra and the method of his special approach to knowledge gathering by exchanging views with others, so as to achieve at a multi-vectorial perspective. It is a… Continue reading Uncommon Wisdom