Tantra of Sound


Tantra of SoundHow to Enhance Intimacy, With Andi Goldman, Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads Publishing, 2005.

Tantra of Sound was really a discovery for me!

On first sight, and compared to Jonathan Goldman’s earlier book Healing Sounds, this present book appears to be edited in a more professional way, and in fact, it’s from a different publisher. The choice of headers and font, all is perfect in the present publication, and I did not find one single typo, while in Healing Sounds, I found several.

And this present volume has one big advantage: it comes with an Audio CD that contains 20 tracks over 60.34 minutes of playing time, the first and last being Introduction and Conclusion and all the others being vocal intonations.

In addition, it is noteworthy that this volume has been authored by both Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi Goldman, and this for good reason.  Continue reading


Healing Sounds DVD


Healing Sounds DVDPrinciples of Sound Healing, DVD, 90 min., Sacred Mysteries, 2004.

It was through the Healing Sounds DVD that I heard about Jonathan Goldman. Only afterwards I ordered his books Healing Sounds and Tantra of Sound. From the start of watching this DVD I was captivated.

Goldman understands to present a highly complex and  rather mathematical matter in an easy style, without losing depth. And he artfully has interwoven practice and theory, as this DVD is not just a lecture but spends about half of the time in pure practical advice. Continue reading

Healing Sounds


Healing SoundsThe Power of Harmonics, Rochester: Healing Arts Press, 2002, Originally published in 1992.

Healing Sounds was really a discovery for me! It was through the DVD that I discovered Jonathan Goldman’s erudite approach to sound healing. The DVD triggered my interest to order Goldman’s two major books, to know more about the theory, while I had seen the practice on the DVD.

Let me be down-to-earth in this review and instead of talking generalities, I would prefer to comment some of the quotes I have taken from the book.

Before I do this, I would like to say that this book is very readable because the author understands to explain quite uncommon things in a clear and easy-to-read diction that initiates the reader in a matter that has been blinded out from our consciousness since centuries. Continue reading