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Henry Thomas Hamblin (1873-1958)

hamblin-flip1873, three years after the death of Charles Dickens whose work chronicles the abusive social circumstances in England, but who was even more shocked at the overwhelming contrasts in New York City between the excesses of wealth versus intense and hard poverty, Henry Thomas Hamblin was born in London. He arrived into a poor family which shared the fate of millions being slowly ground down under the boot of the British Class system. Harry, as his friends affectionately called him literally pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. During a time when proper schooling, training, or education of any kinds was the province of the economically privileged,

Henry struggled through various jobs, accumulated debts, but eventually became an Optician. He maintained a positive attitude even in the face of many abuses that he suffered eventually becoming a famous Optician. Despite having transformed himself into a successful business man, Henry had a growing sense of depression until he awoke to the higher wisdom that true happiness comes through service to humanity. Hamblin’s credits his awakening to a voice which whispered ‘true success is found through elevation of other souls to joyful lives.”

Founder of The Science of Thought Review, Hamblin expereinced contact with a Divine Presence as he grew up: ” … It is not possible to describe such an experience,” he wrote. ” All care, anxiety and fear vanished, and I felt that I was cradled in Divine Love…. The deep peace of the Eternal flowed through me like a river; yet at the same time it was as though I was being carried along on a stream of Divine Bliss…”

Strangely, at the height of his success as an optician his visions dissipated, and he became haunted by nightmares. Night after night Henry would jolt awake to a sickly feeling that he was in hell. A sense of foreboding within deepened, Hamblin felt he must abandon his business and retire to the country. On his first night in the country, he was not sure what to expect. He slept soundly. The night terrors has ceased.

The sudden and unexpected death of his son, who was only ten, catalyzed a realization within him that he must give expression to his mystic experiences.

Hamblin’s parents had been regular church goers, but Harry understood that the answers would not be found by being found to a creed or dogma. Henry Hamblin knew the answers were within.

Once again, he made contact with the ‘Presence’. And realised it held the key to the peace he was searching for. All the time his search was leading him nearer to discovering the way his thoughts affected his performance and outlook.

While the United States erupted into a decade of unbridled corruption encouraged by the Prohibition,

[The Prohibition in the United States was a ban on the sale, purchase or consumption of Alcohol. Lasting from 1920 to 1933, it is often called an era. This odd chapter in American History was prompted by a strange confluence of rural Protestants holding extreme Abrahamic beliefs (similar to today’s Islamists) in combination with Social Progressives in the Democratic (Center Right) and Republican (Far Right) political parties.]

the 1920’s heralded Hamblin’s expression of the harmony and abundance experienced through alignment with the Divine titled: Within You Is the Power. His book was a runaway best seller. Henry Hamblin’s expression of his inner truth was understood by his readers as the expression of higher truth.

Hamblin then set up a magazine based on his principles of Applied Right Thinking: The Science of Thought Review. Although having no experience of editing or publishing, Hamblin wanted to put what he believed into practise, and printed 10,000 copies. He sold them all. This is not surprising considering that Modern Thought, founded in 1889 by Charles Fillmore renamed to Unity in 1894 was experiencing expanding readership. The Arena, a magazine in the late 19th Century, had featured many New Thought writers including Ella Wheeler Wilcox, yet after decades of investigative journalism closed in 1909. Hegeler’s Open Court Magazine was thriving under the management of Paul Carus. Annie Rix Militz’ Master Mind Magazine would be published into the 1920’s. Perhas it was Annie’s death in 1924, that prompted Unity to add the Daily Word magazine in order to fill the gap. A shrewd move considering that Annie’s siter Harriet Rix changed the name of Master Mind magazine to Christ Mind, then when Harriet died the magazine was discontinued. Ernest Holmes’ published the first edition of his magazine Science of Mind in 1927. Unity’s Wee Wisdom Magazine, a children’s magazine was founded in 1893 and still going strong.

Thus Hamblin’s magazine: The Science of Thought Review joined a genre that was in big demand. Contributors included: Joel Goldsmith, Henry Victor Morgan, Graham Ikin, Clare Cameron and Derek Neville and many other wonderful New Thought writers.

Henry Thomas Hamblin had found the work he loved and continued to go to work till his demise in 1958. The Hamblin Trust continues his legacy.

“There is only one Life and this is Good. That there is only one Power in the Universe, and this is Good. That there is only one Purpose in the Universe, and this, too, is Good. That there is one great Law governing all, and this is Love. That there is no evil in the Cosmic Scheme and the Divine Purpose is infinitely kind and just.

That man is the Author of his own troubles; that they are created in his own mind both conscious and subconscious; that the attitude of the mind and soul acts as a transformer changing the Good Force into seeming evil.

That abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy indescribable are the normal state for man.

That this happy condition is possible to all who will change their habit of thought, alter their attitude of soul, and thus by coming into harmony with Cosmic Law, direct the Life Forces into their right channel.

That the imaginative mind is creative in that it guides and directs Life’s Forces. If the imagination is directed upwards, it will bring into manifestation health, sufficiency, achievement, success and joy. It is therefore possible to transform the life through the renewing of the mind.

The object of our teaching is to start men and women on the road which leads them to accomplish this great task. Through it many are learning how to overcome themselves and to rebuild their lives from the center to the circumference. They are learning how to become healthy, happy, successful and useful – how to direct the Forces of Life to produce abundant Good instead of disharmony and suffering.” —Henry Thomas Hamblin

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