Michael Talbot

Michael Talbot
Michael Talbot

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The Holographic Universe (1992)

Michael Coleman Talbot (1953—1992) was an American author of several books highlighting parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics, and espousing a theoretical model of reality that suggests the physical universe is akin to a giant hologram. According to Talbot ESP, telepathy, and other paranormal phenomena are a product of this holographic model of reality.

Talbot was was originally a science fiction author. He was also a pianist.

Talbot attempted to incorporate spirituality, religion and science to shed light on profound questions. His nonfiction books include Mysticism and the New Physics, Beyond The Quantum, and The Holographic Universe.

Talbot was best known for his focus on new age concepts, mysticism, and the paranormal. In The Holographic Universe, he reveals that he himself had psychic abilities since childhood. Arguably his most famous and most significant is The Holographic Universe (1992), which examines the increasingly accepted theory that the entire universe is a hologram; the book remains in print and highly discussed today.

Michael Talbot died of leukemia in 1992 at age 38.


  • The Delicate Dependency, 1982 (reprinted in 2014 by Valancourt Books)
  • The Bog, 1986 (reprinted in 2015 by Valancourt Books)
  • Night Things, 1988 (reprinted in 2015 by Valancourt Books)
  • Mysticism and the New Physics (1992)
  • Your Past Lives, 1987
  • The Holographic Universe


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