Otto Carl Simonton

Otto Carl Simonton
Otto Carl Simonton

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Getting Well Again (1978/1992)

I first heard about Dr. Carl Simonton and his wife Stephanie Matthews-Simonton through the book The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra. That was back in the 1980’s. It was at a time when I was expanding my mind into natural healing, parapsychology, mythology and ancient wisdom.

As I was anyway enthralled by Capra’s exciting vision of a fundamental paradigm change in all sciences, I eagerly absorbed the information I got through his books. And alternative cancer therapy really spoke to me with a loud voice as I was curious if there was not a way out of palliative medicine and if a true cancer cure was not achievable after all?

In The Turning Point, Capra writes:

One of the main aims of the Simonton approach is to reverse the popular image of cancer, which does not correspond to the findings of current research. Modern cellular biology has shown that cancer cells are not strong and powerful but, on the contrary, weak and confused. They do not invade, attack, or destroy, but simply overproduce. A cancer begins with a cell that contains incorrect genetic information because it has been damaged by harmful substances or other environmental influences, or simply because the organism will occasionally produce an imperfect cell. The faulty information will prevent the cell from functioning normally, and if this cell reproduces others with the same incorrect genetic makeup, the result will be a tumor composed of a mass of these imperfect cells. Whereas normal cells communicate effectively with their environment to determine their optimal size and rate of reproduction, the communication and self-organization of malignant cells are impaired. As a result they grow larger than healthy cells and reproduce recklessly. Moreover, the normal cohesion between cells may weaken and malignant cells may / break loose from the original mass and travel to other parts of the body to form new tumors – which is known as metastasis. In a healthy organism the immune system will recognize abnormal cells and destroy them, or at least wall them off so they cannot spread. But if for some reason the immune system is not strong enough, the mass of faulty cells will continue to grow. Cancer, then, is not an attack from without but a breakdown within.

Source: Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point, pp. 389-390.

The Simontons and other researchers have developed a psychosomatic model of cancer that shows how psychological and physical states work together in the onset of the disease. Although many details of this process still need to be clarified, it has become clear that the emotional stress has two principal effects. It suppresses the body’s immune system and, at the same time, leads to hormonal imbalances that result in an increased production of abnormal cells. Thus optimal conditions for cancer growth are created. The production of malignant cells is enhanced precisely at a time when the body is least capable of destroying them. As far as the personality configuration is concerned, the individual’s emotional states seem to be the crucial element in the development of cancer. The connection between cancer and emotions has been observed for hundreds of years, and today there is substantial evidence for the significance of specific emotional states. These are the result of a particular life history that seems to be characteristic of cancer patients. Psychological profiles of such patients have been established by a number of researchers, some of whom were even able to predict the incidence of cancer with remarkable accuracy on the basis of these profiles.

Source: Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point, pp. 391.

The Simonton Cancer Center in California
The Simonton Cancer Center in California

I think Capra has great merit to have spoken in his bestselling book about the Simontons so that more people can resort to alternative cancer therapy instead of being slaughtered by the death sentences of our ignorant medical quacks. And of course, traditional medicine did all to silence them but they could not be silenced, because they simply were too successful!

And from the Simonton Cancer Center site, I further learnt that actually the most difficult step in healing cancer was to decondition patients from believing in their physicians’ life-span prognoses; in fact, a great part of the population absorbed the myth of the ‘uncurable’ cancer and thus believe that cancer cannot be cured.

The Simontons and many other alternative healers have clearly shown that cancer can well be cured, while it may admittedly be a little more difficult to heal cancer than to heal ordinary diseases. But it’s possible. The first step is so difficult because the patient must really change their mindset and do away with the belief that cancer was incurable; for as long as they maintain this belief, cancer really is incurable. That’s how it is. We are running on the fuel of our beliefs. So the Simonton’s heroic task was to develop a program to brainwash, as it were, their patients and install in their minds a positive belief or rather a whole set of beliefs that are affirmative to healing cancer, and healing all illness. This is what their site writes about the ‘Patient Program.’

The Simonton Cancer Center Patient Program is based on the successful model for emotional intervention and support which Dr. Simonton pioneered in the treatment of cancer patients. It evolved from the concept that beliefs, feelings, attitudes and lifestyle are important factors affecting health. The program is a 5-day educational and psychotherapeutic session for cancer patients and their support person, during which these concepts are explored in a safe, supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and a positive change. The program focuses on the influence of beliefs and belief systems. Participants learn techniques for enriching their lives in order to promote their health; lifestyle counseling; and relaxation and mental imagery (creative thinking) exercises. Additionally, participants explore the importance of gentleness, and the role of stress, secondary gain, and other contributing factors to their disease. The issues of recurrence and death are also examined. By delving into these topics through the use of the group process, patients are enabled to implement these methods into their daily lives.

Source: Simonton Cancer Center site

The Simontons have contributed to really change our world.

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