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As a published author, you deserve your book to be promoted. Book reviews are an excellent means for book promotion when they are written by an experienced reviewer.

I have reviewed more than 150 books over the last decade, and my book reviewed have been acclaimed time and again by authors all over the world.

While everybody seems to think that book reviews are free, I think otherwise. My time needs to be compensated, as with any other service.

My consultancy rate is 250$ per hour, thus for reviewing your book I would need to charge you 875$—three hours average to read your book and 1/2 hour for writing the review.

I offer you this service for just 99$ per review. You can expect a 4-star or 5-star review, depending on the quality of your book, your writing expertise, your talent for layout and design, and finally, your unique way to convince the reader that your book is worth to be read and shared with an audience as big as your thinking is, and according to your expectations.

Behold that we often times in life do not get what we deserve but simply what we expect. In this sense, and from this point of view of life experience, it makes sense to invest a little money in your book. After all, when you calculate the many unpaid hours you have invested into your book for conceptualizing and writing it, it is a relatively small amount, given that a professional cover design costs you regularly more than 300$ per book.

Pay 99$ now for your review via PayPal to

You can expect to receive your review in 2 to 4 business days.

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