The Energy Medicine Kit


The Energy Medicine KitDonna Eden, with David Feinstein, New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1999.

The Energy Medicine Kit is really an ingenuous product. I was very pleased when I received it and opened that promising yellow box. And how well all is put together! This would make a wonderful present, to be true!

I congratulate the authors and the publisher to have come up with this brilliant idea, that I have seen nowhere before! I have myself started my journey through this Kit by watching the DVD, seeing Donna Eden in her healing seminars. It was a good idea to combine the literary content with multimedia clips. Now, after discovering the DVD, I saw that I had much more in this precious thunder box. There is a crystal, and I wondered what to do with it.  Continue reading


Energy Medicine


Energy MedicineDonna Eden, with David Feinstein, New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1999

Energy Medicine is a quest book, the final outcome of a quest of the authors, a real voyage, and realization of a dream, with all the obstacles that this implies.

From her book and writing style, Donna Eden appears to be a very strong character, and she probably needed to have exactly that quality in her wisdom quest as when she started, more than a decade ago, modern medicine was really hostile toward the idea of integrating any of the many perennial healing concepts that it discarded as vitalistic. The authors introduce their book in very comprehensive terms:

The return of energy medicine is one of the most significant cultural / developments of the day, for the return of energy medicine is a return to personal authority for health care, a return to the legacy of our ancestors in harmonizing with the forces of nature, and a return to practices that are natural, friendly, and familiar to body, mind and soul./2-3

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