The Secret of Life


The Secret of LifeKessinger Publishing, 2003, originally published in French as Le Secret de la Vie, Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1929.

Back in 2004, I ordered George Lakhovsky’s books in their French original, the early original editions, and began to translate quotes from them. These books are precious stones in a new science library, to be true, and the knowledge they bring is not theoretical, but very practical. More information is contained in my page on Georges Lakhovsky.

Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942) was not an academic, but a practical man, a Russian engineer who emigrated to France before World War II. He found that all living cells possess attributes that normally are associated with electronic circuits. Observing that the oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of energy of the right frequency would bring trigger resonance, Lakhovsky arranged experiments showing that living cells respond to oscillations contained in what he called ‘cosmic rays.’  Continue reading


The Secret Life of Water


The Secret Life of WaterNew York: Atria Books, 2005.

The Secret Life of Water, when you compare it with Masaru Emoto’s first book, The Hidden Messages in Water, is something like the scientific back office of water research.

Here, Masaru Emoto really explains what hado really is, this strange concept that seemingly was unknown in our own culture until very recently, except among natural healers and clairvoyants. Yet it is a very old concept, part of the treasure of ancient Japanese wisdom, and thereby part of perennial science.

Once I got familiar with this knowledge tradition, I found a number of other books about hado, as for example sending out hado by deliberate intent for healing, or learning the hado of cooking. Myself a passionate chef, I always wondered how it is possible that two people using the same recipe, and the same kitchen for cooking the same food can end up with cooking food that tastes differently. While the dish may even look the same, the taste is different. Continue reading