Occidental Mythology

  Princeton: Princeton University Press, Bollingen Series, XVII, 1973. Occidental Mythology, to say it coarsely, renders the murder culture eventually comprehensive. It is Joseph Campbell’s merit to have unveiled Isis a second time, after her first veil was torn by Helena Blavatsky … It all started with a murder, the Murder of the Goddess, and it… Continue reading Occidental Mythology

The Chalice and the Blade

  Our History, Our Future, San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1995. Riane Eisler revealed in this fascinating book that we were stuck in some kind of neurotic scientism by upholding the age-old dichotomy of matriarchal-patriarchal when we describe evolutionary changes, and that in reality we are dealing with a partnership paradigm versus a dominator paradigm, the… Continue reading The Chalice and the Blade