Molecules of Emotion


Molecules of EmotionThe Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine, New York: Scribner, 2003.

I came to know about Candace B. Pert through the mind-boggling film What the Bleep Do We Know!?

I found her presence markedly impressive and right away ordered her book. Molecules of Emotion is not only an extraordinary scientific study, but it also comes with much autobiographic content. Candace Pert had the courage to reveal many details from her life as a female scientist.

Since the 1970s Candace Pert persisted in her vision of finding molecular evidence for the functionality of our emotions, and our sexuality, and more generally for mindbody medicine, within the boundaries of modern science.

The book, if all that additional information was taken out, would be a research paper, too thin to fill a book. And it would probably miss its goal entirely. It’s this holistic and empathic approach, and needless to add that it’s an artistic approach as well, that makes this book so unique. And it shows that this scientist was actually a great human. Continue reading


The Chakras


The ChakrasCorrelations between Medical Science and Clairvoyant Observation, Shafica Karagulla, with Dora van Gelder Kunz, Wheaton: Quest Books, 1989.

This is an extraordinary book. I do research on the bioenergy since two decades, but I have not encountered so much information about such esoteric a subject in one single book. But I must warn the non-scientific reader: this isn’t a book for enhancing your general knowledge about the aura, and the chakras, and it is by no means a practical book, guidebook, or anything of the kind.

You got two medical practitioners here, one of which is a clairvoyant. The author herself, Shafica Karagulla, is the kind of traditional physician who writes with a lot of ‘faculty terms’, so to speak, using medical terminology all over the place. Further down, I’ll quote some examples. So think twice if you want to buy this book. For me personally, it was indispensable for my research. There are some elucidations in this book that I found earlier in my research, but only after studying tedious manuals and old hermetic writings.  Continue reading