The Art and Science of Success, London: Pilot Productions Ltd., 1985, Fontana, 1991, Harper & Collins, 1993 Edward de Bono’s book Tactics is a thoroughly empirical study on the subject of success and the various factors that contribute to a person experiencing success. Together with a team of researchers, fifty-five highly successful people from business, finance, sports,… Continue reading Tactics


  Creating Value Monopolies when Everybody Else is Merely Competing, New York: Fontana, 1992, HarperCollins, 1993. Edward de Bono’s book Sur/Petition is very important. All the issues that he tackles in this extremely well-written book are still today hot issues, in the sense that they are unresolved so far in most businesses. But let us ask,… Continue reading Sur/Petition

Serious Creativity

  Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas, New York: Penguin, 1992, reprinted 1996. In Serious Creativity, Edward de Bono continues the line of thought previously exhibited in The Use of Lateral Thinking and The Mechanism of Mind. However, Serious Creativity is a more elaborated study of lateral thinking in its broadest and… Continue reading Serious Creativity

The Mechanism of Mind

  New York: Penguin, 1969, reedited 1990. The second of the five books I am reviewing is a booklet that develops and elaborates Edward de Bono’s approach to creative thinking, as it was first exposed in The Use of Lateral Thinking. The book is quite uncanny in that the author examines with scientific exactitude how… Continue reading The Mechanism of Mind

The Use of Lateral Thinking

  New York: Penguin, 1967, reedited 1990. The Use of Lateral Thinking is one of de Edward de Bono’s first publications, a book written in the 1960s; but it is one of his most important books. It seems that few have understood the book when it appeared more than forty years ago. In the first… Continue reading The Use of Lateral Thinking