The Cosmic Game

  Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness, New York: New York State University Press, 1998. The Cosmic Game is perhaps Stanislav Grof’s best book. It is written in fluent style, summarizes the most important of his LSD research and his research with holotropic states, and is not grappling with conceptual issues as the ones reviewed… Continue reading The Cosmic Game

The Holotropic Mind

  The Three Levels of Human Consciousness, With Hal Zina Bennett, New York: HarperCollins, 1993. In The Holotropic Mind Stanislav Grof exposes his vision of a holographic universe, and he summons convincing amounts of data and evidence for his view. Grof’s contribution is important especially right now as the holographic view of the universe is one of… Continue reading The Holotropic Mind

Beyond the Brain

  Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy, New York: State University of New York, 1985. Beyond the Brain by Stanislav Grof seriously challenges the existing neurophysiological models of the brain. After three decades of extensive research on non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by psychedelic drugs and by other means, Grof concludes that our present scientific worldview is… Continue reading Beyond the Brain