The 3rd Alternative


The 3rd AlternativeSolving Life’s Most Difficult Problems, London: Simon & Schuster, 2012

The 3rd Alternative, Stephen Covey’s last book—actually published in the very year of his death—is perhaps more than this great man could give. It is more, much more than a ‘business’ book, as the vision of leadership it teaches and embodies surpasses by far the realm of business. It widely covers the adjoining fields of social leadership, nonprofit leadership and political leadership.

This book that I found only very recently, and to my surprise, in a book store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is an easier read than its predecessor, The 8th Habit. Covey’s ideas are presented in fluent style in this book, which has really touched my heart. It is far less schoolmasterly than the books on effectiveness and leadership in a stricter sense of the word. But like those others, it is richly illustrated with comprehensive graphics, so typical for all of Covey’s books. Continue reading


The 8th Habit


The 8th HabitFrom Effectiveness to Greatness, London: Simon & Schuster, 2006

The 8th Habit, by Stephen R. Covey, is a brilliantly written and extraordinarily useful book for solving conflict, build synergistic and truly outstanding relationships, and bring team interaction to a point of effectiveness that may never have been reached with any other method. Besides, it is a truly inspiring book by a great personality!

No words are too boastful to describe the achievement this book represents! It is a true marvel in each and every business library. As The 3rd Alternative, Covey’s last book which I review further down, the book is a treasure hunt for stories produced out of the lives of truly great people. Continue reading