The Web of Life

  A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems, New York: Anchor Books, 1997 The Web of Life is the book in which Fritjof Capra defined his approach to ecology, thereby making ecology, or deep ecology, a concept that is part of a new science paradigm, powerfully introduced and promoted by one of the most important science… Continue reading The Web of Life

Uncommon Wisdom

  Conversations with Remarkable People, New York: Bantam Books, 1989 Uncommon Wisdom, by Fritjof Capra, is not strictly speaking a science book, but it elucidates much about the scientist Fritjof Capra and the method of his special approach to knowledge gathering by exchanging views with others, so as to achieve at a multi-vectorial perspective. It is a… Continue reading Uncommon Wisdom

The Tao of Physics

  An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism, New York: Bantam Books, 1984 (Quoted Edition), New York Shambhala, 2000, Originally published in 1975. Much was written about The Tao, and it is almost always considered as a synthetic and holistic vision of modern physics seen through the glasses of ancient mysticism! But more importantly,… Continue reading The Tao of Physics